Rozi Plain

19:30, Mon 21st Oct 2019

Parish Events presents... Rozi Plain
Monday 21st October 2019 
The Parish Huddersfield
Doors 7.30pm // £10 advance // 14+ with Adults

Tickets on sale Friday 10th May at 10am via / / Crash Records / Jumbo Records & Vinyl Tap Records

The music of Rozi Plain has always felt like a freeze-frame. A colourful and graceful snapshot of the world, paused, suspended in time, and then gently toyed with, like stepping out of the linear world as we know it. Wide awake in dreaming. There have been three records over the past decade, each one just like this, alluring and beguiling in the delicate nature through which they exist, as if one wrong move could lead the whole thing to collapse in on itself, sending you tumbling back to the real world at any given moment.

Her brand new album, ‘What A Boost’, carries the same sense of exquisite elegance but is an altogether different, and distinctive, journey. One, in fact, that was inspired and informed by just that: of travel and passage, of the unique inspiration found in different and differing people and places. Of movement and motion. Of journeying. 

'What A Boost' out now via Memphis Industries
BBC Radio 6 Music Album Of The Day.

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5 Stars

I recommend The Parish. I recommend it right now. Someone pick me up and take me for a pint and game of pool?

Abigail, Cool Patron