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Consumed + Vanilla Pod + Mr Shiraz + traits

19:00, Fri 7th Jul 17

You know when you see all those amazing tours that get advertised for American or Canadian tours and you are all like ah man how come we never get line ups like that? Well now you do....... kinda!!

One of the most influential names in UK skate punk, the band have done it all, they were on the legendary Fat Wreck Chords label, they were on the soundtrack to maybe the greatest skateboard game ever Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 and they are just killer live!

Vanilla Pod
Over 20 years into their musical endeavours in punk rock, Vanilla Pod are still just bad ass! They know how to right a punk rock tune, the know how to bring it live and they know how to drink.

Mr Shiraz
Bassist Tori Shiraz is a philosophy genius and possibly the most intelligent person in the world, whereas frontman Mikey Shiraz once released a book of confessions of all the terrible things he's done . His mother refuses to read it. Lead guitarist Tim Shiraz looks like everyone in the world. Examples are Edward Norton, the dead body from Stand By Me, Cameron from Ferris Bueller's Day Off, the mum off 90’s kids show Dinosaurs and many more.

They may be a new band but the members are old so its cool. Also they play burning hot skate punk like we used to have in the 90's so they will fir in here. 
Brought to life by members of Random Hand and The Human Project, the band have taken that pedigree and quickly become a must see bunch.

Maybe one more to add to this

Plus dj after playing all the songs we want to here